Filio or Filia

Filio or Filia is a common Greek female name; it is one of the most popular diminutives of name Theofili, the female respective of Theofilos.

Filio is a name that derives from the Greek word “filia” which means friendship.

Sound of name Filio: Fee-leeo’

Male Version of name Filio: Filios ( from Theofilos)

Nameday of Filio: July 8th

Origin of name Filio or Filia

Since the name Filio derives from Theofili, for the Greek Orthodox church it also refers to Blessed Theofilos, a man who lived in Zichni, in Macedonia.

You can read the details of the name Theofilos and its references in the Orthodox Calendar at the pertinent post for name Theofilos.

Nicknames deriving from name Filio

Filio is already the diminutive of name Theofili, so it doesn’t have its own nicknames or diminutives. The most common diminutives of name Theofili are Filitsa, Filia, Filio, Thea

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Filio

Opposite from Theofilos, Filio is an extroverted person with many friends. She is usually good at her job, but she doesn’t like working that much. She is into pleasures and likes being out with friends.


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