Florentios is a male name not very common in Greece; its female respective, Florentia, is much more popular. However, name Florentios is more popular among Catholics in Greece.

Florentios derives from the latin word “flor” which means flower, therefore, Florention is the “flowerish”.

male Greek name Florentios

Sound of name Florentios: Flo-ré-dee-os

Female Version of Florentios: Florentia

Nameday of Florentios: October 13th

Origin of name Florentios – Agios Florentios (St Florentios)

Name Florentios is associated with a man who lived in Thessaloniki during the early Byzantine Era. Florentios dedicated his life to the preaching of the Gospels.

He was accused due to his beliefs and was brought to the local ruler who was a pagan. Florentios admitted being a Christian and teaching the word of God, but he went one step further, asking the ruler himself to adopt the Christian religion. The Ruler had Florentios tortured; Florentios was beaten and then thrown into fire where he died.

The Greek Orthodox Church declared him a saint and celebrates the memory and nameday of Florentios on October 13th.

Nicknames Deriving from name Florentios

There are just a few nicknames deriving from name Florentios, such as Florentis, Florentos, Florentsos and Florentzos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Florentios

Florentios is a man of the arts; he is good with hands and has a very creative mind. He likes making things on his own, and he can be a rather lonely person, although very imaginative.

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