Fotoula is a female Greek name deriving from the name Foteini. Fotoula is a nickname used for small girls  because it’s a cute and tender way to call them when they are very young, but you can find many Greek women named this way, especially in rural areas.


Sound of name Fotoula: Fo-toú-la

Male Version of name Fotoula: Fotis

Nameday of name Fotoula: January 6th (Theofania) and February 6th

Origin of name Fotoula

Fotoula is a name deriving from the name Foteini, which is the female version of name Fotis. As with the male version of the name, name Fotoula also celebrates its name day on two different dates, January 6th – the Greek Theofania, and February 6th, the day the Greek Orthodo Church honors St Fotios. Additional information on both days can be found at the post for the name Fotis.

Nicknames deriving from name Fotoula

Fotoula is a nickname, deriving from the name Foteini, which features a few nicknames and diminutives, such as: Foto, Fotoula, Fofo, Fofaki, Klairi, Fei, Fenia, Foteinoula

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Fotoula

Fotoula is a woman known for being elegant and luminous. She is very active and she always sets high goals but cannot always achieve them because she is way too optimistic sometimes.

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  1. There is also another day , the fourth Sunday after Easter (Ths Samareitidos), when Foteini, Fotoula, etc have their nameday!!! Very few know that, even in Greece. It is common among Greeks with origins from Mikra Asia.


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