Gianna is a female name commonly given to girls in Greece; it derives from the name Ioanna and is the female respective of name Giannis. Gianna, as name Giannis, come from the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “with the grace of God”. Name Gianna can be alternatively spelled Yianna or Yanna, which attributes the sound of the original Greek name better than Gianna.

giannaSound of name Gianna: Yee-a’-nna

Male Version of name Gianna: Giannis

Nameday of name Gianna: January 7th

Origin of name Gianna

Name Gianna became common and popular in Greece due to the importance attributed to the historical figures bearing the male version of the name. Indeed Ioannis refers to St John the Baptist and Apostle John. Detailed information about the origin of the name and the lives of those two men can be found at the post for the name Giannis.

Nicknames deriving from Name Gianna

Gianna is a nickname itself, deriving from the name Ioanna. Other nicknames deriving from name Ioanna are: Giannoula, Giannitsa, Nitsa, Giangoula, Vana, Ivana, Giannio

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Gianna

Gianna is a nice and optimistic person, looking at the bright side of life, but can be a little frivolous occasionally. She is always ready for action and she can take care of other people when they need it.

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