Hristiana or Christiana

Hristiana or Christiana is a female Greek name that derives from the Greek name Christina or Hristina.

Hristiana is one of Hristina’s common nicknames and diminutives.

You will find name Hristiana written in different ways, since the romanization of such a name is vague, but the spelling Hristiana is closer to the Greek version.

greek female name hristiana

Sound of name Hristiana: Hree-sti-á-na

Male Version of name Hristiana: Christos (from Christina)

Nameday of Hristina: December 25th and July 24th

Origin of name Hristiana

Since the name Hristiana (or Christianna) derives from the name Christina, it is also associated with the birth of Christ and Christmas, and with the Martyr Christina.

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