Ilias or Elias

Ilias or Elias is a male name that derives from the Hebrew culture and tradition. According to its etymology it comes from the Hebrew Name Eliyahu which means my God is Jehovah, and was mentioned in many Hebrew religious books and the Koran about prophets. In any case in Jewish language and Aramaic, Ili means God and that is what Jesus was saying when on the cross referring to God.

iliasSound of name Ilias: Ee-lee’-as

Female version of name Ilias: Iliana

Nameday of name Ilias: July 20th

Origin of name Ilias – Prophet Ilias (Prophet Elijah)

In the Greek Orhtodox calendar the name Ilias refers to Prophet Ilias, the Prophet Elijah in Latin, who was the quintessential prophet of the Old Testament. He was son of Sovak and lived in the city Galaad. His father gave him the name Ilias, because when he was born angels appeared to his father naming the boy Ilia.

Ilia grew up and became a prophet, giving advice and oracles to his fellow people about God. The two Books of Kings in the Old Testament refer to his exploits: According to the scripts he brought fire to the earth from the skies and he made rain stop for more than three years, just because he asked it. Ilia was involved in many miracles as well, such as the resurrection of certain persons – like the dead son of a widow, Sarafthia – and helped his people burning down 100 soldiers sent by King Ohozia.

Prophet Elijah is also known for cutting the Jordan River in two with a sword and for his assumption to the skies in a flaming chariot. Prophet Elijah appeared to the Metamorphosis of Christ, next to him along with Moses
The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates his memory on July 20th and has given his name to many chapels and Churches in Greece – mostly on hills and mountains because of his particular relationship with the skies.

Nicknames deriving from name Ilia

Ilia doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives; the most common ones are: Lias, Liakos, Liakouras, Iliakos.

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of name Ilias

Ilias is a discreet person and always quiet. He knows how to avoid the stumbling rocks and finds happiness in creating a family.

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