Iro is a female name originating from Ancient Greece. There are several different versions referring to the meaning and name Iro, with the most common one being that the name comes from the same root as the word iros, meaning hero in English.

In any case, Iro is a Greek name that refers to a famous priestess of Afrodite.

iroSound of name Iro: Ee-ro’

Male Version of name Iro: Iron (not common)

Nameday of name Iro: August 10th

Origin of name Iro

Iro is one of the rare ancient names celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, although not referring to a saint.

Iro was the priestess of Aphrodite, known for her beauty.

Iro was living in the town of Sistos at the one side of Ellispontos. She fell in love with a young man named Leandros, who lived on the other side of the sea.

Every night Iro would light a lamp allowing her lover to cross the sea and get to her.

The story is rather sad though, as the lovers were doing the same thing every night, until winter came. They decided to separate waiting for spring to come, but one night Iro forgot her lamp on by the beach.

Leandros saw the light and considered it an invitation and decided to swim within the cold waters.

Leandros died and Iro, when found out, fell in the sea to hug the dead body of her lover. She died as well, and the residents of Sistos buried them in a common tomb. Since then, the myth of Iro and Leandros became a legend.

Nicknames Deriving from Name Iro

Iro doesn’t have many nicknames, as most of the ancient Greek names. The only diminutive found is Iroula or Irouka.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Iro

Iro is full of life and energy. She is independent and she is often dedicated to her job.

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  1. My parent neighbour is an 3 y.o greek girl named Yro. She is diagnosed with leukaemia. I hope her name will give her strength.

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