Isidora is a female Greek name whose origins are found in the ancient years; however, in ancient Greece it was not a very common name and was mainly used in early Christian years.

Isidora derives from the words “isos” and “doro”, which mean equal and gift respectively. It is the female respective of name Isidoros.


Sound of name Isidora: Eeh-see-dó-rah

Male Version of name Isidora: Isidoros

Nameday of Isidora: May 1st and February 4th

Origin of name Isidora – Osia Isidora

Isidora is the female respective name of Isidoros, so you might find some women named Isidora celebrating their nameday on February 4th,.

However, the vast majority celebrates their nameday on May 1st due to Blessed Isidora or Agia Isidora in Greek.

There is not much information about Isidora, however the name referred to in the Church book Gerontikon. According to it, Blessed Pytiroun (celebrated on November 29) was told by the Lord for the virtue of Saint Isidora.

He visited a monastery and requested to gather all the nuns. When they came, the Blessed Pytiroun did not find any halo, as  God said that Blessed Isidora should have.

Then he inquired if there was another nun in the convent. He was reported that there was a crazy woman. The Blessed Pytiroun asked to call this crazy woman. Upon the entrance of Saint Isadora, Blessed Pytiroun  saw the halo on her head, and thus discovered that the Blessed Isidora pretended to be crazy.

Blessed Isidora died in peace in the year 365 AD

Nicknames deriving from name Isidora

Isidora has just a few nicknames and diminutives such as Dora, Izzi, Doroula, Isis

The Names’ fairy reveals the meaning of name Isidora

Isidora is a woman who appreciates what is given to her and she is not vain at all.

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