Magdalini is a female Greek name, whose origins are found in the early Christian Years. The name derives from a title that means “of Magdala” a region in Galilee. Mary Magdalene, a character in the New Testament, was named thus because she was from Magdala – the village on the sea of Galilee, whose name meant “tower” in Hebrew.

She was cleaned of evil spirits by Jesus and then remained with him during his ministry, witnessing the crucifixion and the resurrection. She was a popular saint in the Middle Ages, and the name became common since then.

female Greek name Magdalini Sound of name Magdalini: Mag-da-lee-neé

Male Version of name Magdalini: N/A

Nameday of Magdalini: July 22nd

Origin of name Magdalini – Mary Magdalene ( Maria Magdalini)

For the Greek Orthodox church, name Magdalini is directly associated with Mary Magdalene ( Maria Magdalini), one of the most important persons in New Testament.

Mary Magdalene has suffered from what some believe to have been a historical defamation of character. She has been thought to be misidentified as a repentant prostitute in historical tradition, and depicted in art as a weeping sinner wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair.

Mary Magdalene was one of the most devoted of his followers, always by his side and “ministered to him of her substance”. She attended him to Calvary, stood weeping at the foot of the cross, and was the first to see the Christ risen. Extra-biblical and Gnostic traditions about Mary Magdalene holds that she was the wife of Jesus and pregnant with his child at the time of his death, a fact which was omitted by later revisionist editors of the Gospels. Interpreted allegorically, Luke-Acts reveals their marriage, a daughter, and two sons.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates her memory with the nameday of Magdalini on July 22nd.

Nicknames deriving from name Magdalini

Name Magdalini has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Magda, Magdalo, Magdoula, Magdali, Magdalenia, Lina, Lia.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Magdalini

Magdalini is a very authentic person, and a very likeable one. Love plays a very important role in her life and she wants to admire the person she loves.

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