Marianna is a female Greek name, a compound name that derives from the names Maria and Anna. Marianna is a rather popular name both in the mainland and islands. Marianna is the Greek version of the name Marian or Marianne, which is also common in other languages.

Sound of name Marianna: Ma-ree-á-nna

Male Version of name Marianna: N/A

Nameday of name Marianna: February 28th and/or August 15th and/or December 9th.

Origin of name Marianna

Marianna is, as mentioned, a compound name referring to Virgin Mary – Maria, and Agia Anna (St Anna). This is why many women named Marianna celebrate their nameday either on December 9th, on the nameday of Anna, or on August 15th, the day when Marias usually celebrate their nameday.

However, in the Greek Orthodox Calendar there is Blessed Marianna, a woman that lived in the beginning of the 5th century. The name of that woman was probably Marana, but it stayed in the Orthodox tradition as Marianna. Marana, along with another woman named Kyra, were honoring God, staying at a cell in Verroia Greece. In order to celebrate their memory as Blessed women of the Calendar, the Greek Orthodox Church honors them on February 28th. If you meet a woman named Marianna, you should ask her when she celebrates her name.

Nicknames deriving from name Marianna

Marianna is a name with few nicknames and diminutives deriving from it. Some of the most common nicknames and diminutives are: Marian, Marion, Mariannaki, Ria

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Marianna

Since the name Marianna is a compound name, women with this name tend to bear the characteristics of each one of these names.

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  1. My wife’s name is Anna-Marie and, when we were thinking of names, I suggested we reverse her name and call our daughter Marianna.

  2. My name is anna and my husbands Mario, we decided to combine our two names giving us the name MARIANNA, for our daugther, thus also avoiding the ususal having to name your child after your mother or mother-in-law, and guess what, it worked !!!!!

  3. when i was a kid i used to hate my name because no one else had it (in finland).
    Over the years as i’ve travelled the world and met new people, there’s always a story to tell about my name and now i love it!
    Couldn’t have asked for a better name than Marianna.

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