Marieta or Marietta

Marieta is a female Greek name that used to be quite common among women in the Greek mainland. Name Marieta is a diminutive of name Maria, and is also spelled Marietta.

Marieta was more popular in the past, but since most women tend to keep the original given name today, name Marieta is less and less used.

name marietaSound of name Marieta: Ma-ree-éh-ta

Male Version of name Marieta: Marios

Nameday of name Marieta: Similar to name Maria, Marieta celebrates its name day on November 21st or August 15th

Origin of name Marieta

Since the name Marieta is a diminutive of name Maria, its origins are similar to the ones of the main given name. You can access all pertinent information at the post for the name Maria

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