Natassa is a female Greek name commonly used in Greece. Natassa is one of the main diminutives of the female name Anastasia, which is quite popular in Greece.

In the older days, Greeks had the tendency to change their names and use nicknames and diminutives more, however today they use the full and original version of their given name. This means that most Grerek women named Anastasia today will probably keep their name as it is, while older women use the nicknames they prefer.

Greek female name natassa

Sound of name Natassa: Nah-tá-ssa

Male Version of name Natassa: Anastasios (from Anastasia)

Nameday of Natassa: Easter day or December 22nd

Origin of name Natassa – Resurrection of Christ and St Anastasia

Name Natassa derives from name Anastasia, therefore shares the same namedays as Anastasia. Most women choose to celebrate their nameday on the Easter day, since the name comes from the Greek word “anastasis” which means Resurrection.

However, many women that want to separate their nameday from such a great holiday, choose to celebrate their nameday on December 22nd, the day of Agia Anastasia Pharmakolytria. Many women from the Peloponnese Peninsula prefer this date for their nameday.

If you meet a woman named Natassa, you should better ask her when is her nameday in order to avoid any mistakes.

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Nicknames deriving from the name Natassa

Natassa doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives, being a diminutive as well.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Natassa

Natassa is a strong and rather materialistic woman, who pays a lot of attention to small things and luxurious items. She can be imposing and will always criticize other people’s work and behavior.

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