Nikolaos is one of the most common male Greek names you will find in Greece and abroad. Due to its importance and its association with St Nicholas, one of the most beloved saints in Greece, it is a very popular name among Greek expats as well. Nikolaos is the main given name, from which name Nikos derives.

greek name nikolaosSound of name Nikolaos: Nee-kó – la-os

Female Version of Name Nikolaos : Niki, Nikoleta

Nameday of Name Nikolaos: December 6th

Origin of name Nikolaos – Saint Nicholas

Name Nikolaos is given to male Greeks to honor Agios Nikolaos (St Nicholas) the patron Saint of sailors.You can read all the additional information about the name Nikolaos at the pertinent post for the name Nikos, which is its most common nickname.

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