Pavlina is a female name given to children in Greece; it is the female respective name of Pavlos and is the Greek respective name of Pauline. As the male version of the name, Pavlina also originates from the latin word Paulus, which means humble.

pavlinaSound of name Pavlina: Pa-vlee’-na

Female Version of name Pavlina: Pavlos

Nameday of name Pavlina: June 29th

Origins of name Pavlina – Apostle Paul

As we said, the name Pavlina is the female version of name Pavlos, a name that refers to Apostolos Pavlos (Apostle Paul), the  leader of the early Christian Church. For more detailed information on Apostle Paul, you can check the information given for name Pavlos.

Nicknames deriving from name Pavlina

Pavlina doesn’t have many nicknames deriving from it; in most cases you can simply find some diminutive such as Pavlinaki, Lina and Paola.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Pavlina

Pavlina, like Pavlos,  a calm and quiet person who dislikes fighting and arguing . She can be very well organized and looks self restrained, but most of the times she is quite spontaneous, especially when she really wants to achieve something.

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