Spyros or Spiros

Spyros or Spiros is a Greek male name that comes from the name Spyridon.

The etymology of Spyros is not clear, but according to some theories it comes from the word “spiris”, which means coffin.

Therefore, Spyros is the person who brings or carries coffins and cases.

spiros or spyros greek name

Sound of name Spiros: Spee-ros

Female version of name Spiros: Spyridoula

Nameday of name Spiros: December 12th

Origin of name Spiros – Agios Spyridon / St Spyridon

Name Spyros is a very common name in Corfu, as Agios Spyridon is the Saint Protector of the island.

Agios Spyridon is one of the notable saints for the Greek Orthodox Church; he was born in 270 AD in Cyprus.

When young, he got married and had a daughter and started studying the Scripts on his own, since he had no previous education.

When his wife died he dedicated himself to monasticism and became bishop of Tirimanthous. He became a big fighter against Aryanism and paganism and he was declared a Saint by the Greek Orthodox Church.

His remains are found today in Corfu at the Homonym Church in the heart of the town of Corfu.

The Greek Orthodox Church honors the memory of Agios Spyridon on December 12

Nicknames deriving from the name Spiros – Spiridon

Name Spiros comes, as we said, from the name Spiridon. It is the only common nickname that comes from the name Spiridon and is the most commonly used one. The only diminutives used are Spyrakos and Spyrakis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Spiros

Spiros is a person that sees life with optimism and when he is disappointed can be quite introverted and pessimist. Usually Spyros tries to find a nice and quiet job, where he can use his expertise and experience nicely and quietly.

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