Stella is a female name which is found a lot in Greece; it derives from the name Styliani and it is its main nickname. In Greek, the name Styliani comes from the word stylos, which means pillar. It is a rather common name in general, both in Greece and other countries,  since Stella means “of the stars” .

stellaSound of name Stella: Ste’l-la

Male Version of name Stella: Stelios

Nameday of name Stella: November 26th

Origin of name Stella– Agios Stylianos (Saint Stylianos)

The name Stella comes from the name Styliani, which is the female respective of name Stylianos. Information about the male version of the name and the Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church can be found at the post Stelios

Nicknames deriving from name Stella – Styliani

Stella comes from the name Styliani, which has a few more nicknames such as Stelitsa, Stelio, Litsa, Stellina, Stelia, Tela, Telia, Telitsa

The Names’ Fairy reveals for the name Stella

Stella sees life with understanding and tries to avoid taking things too seriously. She likes laughing and having a good time, but she is also very hard working and very dependable in both family and work. Stella can be very professional in her job and she loves family a lot.

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  1. My name is Stella so this is very cool. I was named after my great great grandmother so I’m happy I get to learn more about her name!


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