Stergios is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek word “stergo”, which means to take care of, to show love, affection and commitment, to make something stronger.

Stergios is a name that was actually introduced in the early Christian years and did not exist in  ancient Greece.

greek male name stergios

Sound of name Stergios: Stér- yee-os

Female Version of name Stergios: Stergiani

Nameday of Stergios: November 26th

Origin of name Stergios – Agios Stylianos (St Stylianos)

There is a rather interesting story associated with name Stergios. There doesn’t exist a saint named Stergios, however the Greek Orthodox Church associates Stergios with Stylianos (from who derives the name Stelios). Here is how the story goes:

Stylianos was a man born in Paflagonia during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius. Stylianos, since he was a young boy, believed that there should not be rich and poor people and that all people should have the same properties.

Stylianos’ family was rather rich, therefore he considered himself to be  privileged compared to other people. He decided, thus, to leave  his house and wealth and go to the desert where he started  praying,  getting food from the Angesl.

His reputation became widely spread so  people were coming to the desert to meet him and listen to his preaching. According to the tradition of the Church after Stylianos died, people were still coming to his cave to hear him.

Once, a plague that hit children fell on the village where he came from and the villagers started praying to Agios Stylianos to save their children; the children were indeed saved and since then Agios Stylianos is considered the protector saint of children and mothers.

Because Agios Stylianos took care of the children he was given the epithet “stergios” which comes from the verb “stergo”. This is how the name Stergios was born; since Stergios is actually a word that characterized Agios Stylianos, the nameday of Stergios is November 26th, the same as Agios Stylianos.

Nicknames deriving from name Stergios

Stergios has only a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Stergis, Stergos, Stergoudas, which are not that common.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Stergios

Stergios is a caring man, very reliable and dependable. He dedicates his life to offering to other people and he is usually very good with kids and people in need.

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