Tilemachos or Telemachos

Tilemachos or Telemachos is a male Greek name with its roots in Ancient Greece, more specifically in ancient Greek literature and Homer.

Tilemachos derives from the Greek words “tile” (tele, τηλε) and “machi” (μάχη), which mean “from far” and “battle”. The name can be also spelled Telemachos.

male greek name tilemachos

Sound of name Tilemachos: Tee-lé-ma-hos

Female Version of name Tilemachos: N/A

Nameday of Tilemachos: January 1st

Origin of name Telemachos

Tilemachos is an ancient Greek name found in the Odyssey, written by the Greek poet Homer.

In this homeric poem ,Tilemachos was the son of Odysseas and Pinelopi. As an infant, Tilemachos was placed in the path of his father’s plow as a test of the father’s pretended madness.

When the Trojan War ended, Tilemachos searched unsuccessfully for his father, returned to Ithaca and recognized Odysseus; together he and Odysseus slew all the would-be usurpers to the throne who had been imposing upon Pinelopi to choose a husband from among them.

St Tilemachos – Agios Tliemachos

However, it seems that there is also an Agios Tilemachos (St Tilemachos) included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar.

Tilemachos was a man who entered the Roman arena during the reign of Emperor Onorius and stopped the battles in the name of Christ. Due to this event, Emperor Onorius ended this longterm custom of the Romans, the bloody battles in the arenas between the gladiators.

There is a reference for Tilemachos in “Church History” by Theodoritos. It is interesting to mention that Agios Tilemachos is also mentioned in the Catholic scripts, but he is mostly known as Almachios.

The memory of St Tilemachos is honored on January 1, which is the nameday of Tilemachos, Vasilis, Vasiliki and others.

Although these names are completely different from each other, they share the same name day. This is not uncommon in the Greek Orthodox calendar.

Nicknames deriving from name Tilemachos

Tilemachos does not have any nicknames or diminutives, however in some cases you might hear the nicknames Machos or Machis, that are not much in use though.

* One of our site’s friends asked us to mention the nickname Telly too.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Tilemachos

Tilemachos is a man of action; he always prefers practice over theory and he can be a very smart and reliable person, especially when it comes to businesses.

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