Vassiliki is a female Greek name, commonly found in Greece. Name Vassiliki is the female respective name of Vassilios; in the Greek language Vassiliki refers to the “royal one”. In religious terms, Vassiliki refers to the Basilica, the type of church used in many Orthodox and Catholic Countries.

vassilikiSound of name Vassiliki: Va-ssee-lee-keé

Male Version of name Vassiliki: Vassilios

Nameday of name Vassiliki: January 1st

Origin of name Vassiliki – Agios Vassilios – Saint Basil

Vassiliki is the female respective of name Vassilios, thus, is associated with the Saint Basil, Agios Vassilios in Greek. You can read a more detailed reference to the saint, at the post for the name Vassilios.

Nicknames deriving from the name Vassiliki

Vassiliki features a few nicknames and diminutives; the most known and popular ones are: Vasso, Vicky, Vassia, Vivi, Vivian, Vassilikoula, Vassilitsa, Koula, Litsa, Vasileia

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Vassiliki

Vassiliki is a powerful woman who thinks high of herself and always manages to manifest her self confidence. Vassiliki is considered a trustworthy and dependable person and is always good at work, although little distant from other people.

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