Varvara is a Greek female name mostly used since the early Christian Years. As a word, the name Varvara refers to the Greek word Varvaros which means Barbarian, however the etymology has nothing to do with the name and its use in the Greek orthodox calendar. In any case, the word varvaros/varvara used to refer to someone who is foreigner, rather than a savage. Name Varvara is the respective name for Barbara.

Sound of name Varvara: Va-rva-ra

Male Version of name Varvara: N/A

Nameday of name Varvara: December 4th

Origin of name Varvara – Agia Varvara (St Barbara)

Although the name as a word has its roots in the Greek language, the name Varvara is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church in honor of a woman who lived in the 3rd century in Nikomidia of Asia Minor (today’s Izmit) during the reign of Emperor Maximilian.

Varvara was held in the castle of her father, in order to avoid marriage, but she somehow managed to get to know the Christian religion and became a Christian during these anti-christian years.

Her father decided to built a bath so that Varvara would not use the public baths; the original design had two windows, but Varvara established a third one in order to honor the Holy Trinity. When her father understood what was going on, he gave his daughter to the ruler of his city to interrogate her.

The ruler ordered Varvara to change her beliefs and follow  paganism. Varvara refused to do so and the ruler gave an order to kill her. Thus, the Greek Orthodox Church has declared Varvara a martyr and a saint, celebrating her memory on December 4th.

Nicknames deriving from the name Varvara

Varvara is a name that doesn’t have nicknames and diminutives. You can find some women named Varvara using the English version of the name, Barbara.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Varvara

Varvara is a powerful and very determined woman. She is quite dedicated to her goals and she can be an excellent working example.

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  1. I was born in Poland, where the name is spelled the same way and has a diminutive of Basia. My mother told me that it means beautiful stranger and that she named me after her best friend so that I would be strong and independent like the friend. I think I have lived up to that expectation.

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