Vicky is a common Greek name deriving from the name Vassiliki. It is probably the second most common nickname that comes from the name Vassiliki after Vasso, although as we have mentioned in many posts regarding diminutives and nicknames, Greek women and men tend to use the full name nowadays, although once upon a time, it was quite popular to change the name and call someone with a diminutive that sounded charming and cuter.

viskySound of name Vicky:Veé-kee

Male version of name Vicky:N/A

Nameday of name Vicky: January 1st

Origin of name Vicky – Name Vassiliki – Agios Vasileios

As mentioned, name Vicky comes from the name Vassiliki. In many other languages the name Vicky is either the original female name, or a diminutive of the name Victoria, but in Greece, this Greek name comes as a nickname of name Vassiliki, thus, its origins are found in the name Vassilios . You can find additional details about name Vicky at the pertinent post for Vassiliki and information on the origins and root of the name at the post for name Vassilis.

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