Violeta is a Greek female name whose origins are found in the Latin language. The word violeta refers to the flower Violette, and comes from the latin word viola which characterizes this lovely purplish flower with the small buds.

Violeta is a name that was actually adjusted to the Greek language, as many other names that refer to flowers and do not have any other particular origin or reference. It comes as no surprise that name Violeta doesn’t have a nameday, as it is not attributed to any saint or martyr by the Greek orthodox Church.

Sound of name Violeta: Veeo-le-ta

Male Version of name Violeta: N/A

Nameday of name Violeta: N/A

Nicknames deriving from name Violeta

Violeta doesn’t feature many nicknames and diminutives. You can find women called Viola, Leta or Litsa, but Violeta is a really lovely name, so most women choose to use it in its full form.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Violeta

Violeta is a smart and sensitive woman, pretty much into arts and family. She can be a perfect example of working dedication when she enjoys what she is doing.

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