Zacharoula or Zacharenia

Zacharoula or Zacharenia is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Zacharias.

Zacharoula or Zacharenia seems to derive from the Greek word zachari, which means sugar. However, the word “zachari” did not exist before the 8th century AD, so the etymology of the name is different.

Actually Zacharoula derives from the Hebrew name  Zekharyah, which means “God remembers”.

Zacharoula and Zacharenia are both female versions of name Zacharias; there is no particular explanation why there are two female versions of the name Zacharias, but it seems that they are both used almost equally.

female greek name zacharoula

Sound of name Zacharoula: Za-cha-roó-la

Male Version of name Zacharoula: Zacharias

Nameday of Zacharoula and Zacharenia : February 8th

Origin of name Zacharoula or Zacharenia

As mentioned, name Zacharoula or Zacharenia is the female verrsion of name Zacharias, therefore it also refers to the renowned prophet Zaharias or Zechariah.

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Nicknames deriving from name Zacharoula or Zacharenia

The most common nicknames deriving from Zacharoula or Zacharenia are Roula, Renia, Rena, Rina, Rea and Zacharo.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Zacharoula or Zacharenia

Zacharenia or Zacharoula are family oriented women, who are very fond of children and usually have large families with lots of friends.

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