Andriana is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Andreas. Opposite to common belief, name Andriana is not a compound name (from Andrea and Anna). Name Andriana is the Greek equivalent of name Adriana used in Latin based languages.

name andrianaSound of name Andriana: An-three-á– na

Male Version of name Andriana: Andreas

Nameday of name Andriana: November 30th and July 4th

Origin of name Andriana

Name Andriana is, as mentioned, the female respective of name Andreas, therefore, its origins, and the nameday of Adriana are associated with Agios Andreas (St Andreas) and Apostle Andreas. You can read detailed information about them at the post for the name Andreas.

Nicknames deriving from name Andriana

Andriana doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives. The only ones known and used are the names Andriani, Andrea, Anya, Andy

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Andriana

Andriana is very social and audacious; she likes taking over hard tasks and she can focus, aiming at their fulfilment. She is one of the most reliable people when it comes to work.

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