Dimitroula is a female Greek name; it is a cute and tender version of the name Dimitra, one of its main nicknames. Dimitroula is a name used to call a small girl or a woman in a more playful way. However, as with many nicknames and diminutives in Greece, many women keep this name as their usual name, being used to it since their childhood. If you meet a woman called Dimitroula, she was baptized as Dimitra.

greek name dimitroulaSound of name Dimitroula: Dee-mee-troó-la

Male Version of name Dimitroula: Dimitris (or Dimitrakis, if looking for a male diminutive of name Dimitris)

Nameday of name Dimitroula: October 26th

Origin of name Dimitroula – Agios Dimitrios, Saint Demetrius

Since Dimitroula is a nickname of name Dimitra, you can read all about the name, its origin and characteristics at the pertinent post for the main name, Dimitra.

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