Effrosyni or Efrosyni

Effrosyni or Efrosyni is a female Greek name which derives from the Greek word “effraino” which means “to bring joy” or “to please”.

Therefore, Effrosyni is the woman who pleases and brings happiness and joy to the hearts of people.

effrosini greek female name

Sound of name Effrosyni: Ef-fro-sseé-neeh

Male Version of name Effrosini: N/A

Nameday of Effrosini: September 25th

Origin of name Effrosyni – Osia Effrosyni (Blessed Effrosyni)

Effrosini lived during the reign of Theodosius in 410AD. She was the only daughter of a rich family. Her father, Pafnoutios was the richest man in Alexandria, and along with his wife they stood out due to their faith in God.

When Effrosyni was 12 years old her mother died, and her father became even more preoccupied with the upbringing of his daughter. When Effrosini became an adult, at her 18 years of age, her father decided to marry her with a noble young man.

However, Effrosyni was dedicated to Divine love. A marriage would become an obstacle to her decision to dedicate herself to the care of other people. So, she gave all her belongings to the poor people, left her home and after a long time of adventures she ended up in a monastery, dressed in men clothes.

She called herself with the male name Smaragdos and everyone admired her spiritual strength and fight. She lived in that monastery for 38 years. Her father became a monk at the same monastery, so she met him again. She died in peace, and the Orthodox Church declared her Blessed, celebrating the nameday of Effrosini on September 25th.

Effrosyni in Greek Mythology

Effrosyni is also an important figure in Greek mythology. Efrosyni was one of the Three Graces, the Greek goddesses of beauty and charm, who were themselves embodiments of both. The Graces are usually thought to be the daughters of the god Zeus and Eyrynome.

The poet Hesiod in his Theogony named them:

  • Thalia (Flowering)
  • Effrosini (Joy)
  • Aglaia (Radiance)

The Three Graces were the personification of joy and well-being. They were present at human and divine marriages, and constantly attendant upon the goddess of love, Aphrodite They were also associated with the god Apollo.

The Three Graces are often depicted as mingling with Nymphs in joyous dances celebrating the bounties of nature.

Nicknames deriving from name Effrosini

Effrosini has a few nicknames and diminutives; the most common ones are: Froso, Frosini, Frosoula, Frosaki,Efrosina, Frosou, Effi, Ina

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Effrosini

Effrosini is a woman who pays lots of attention to the pleasures of the heart and flesh; she can be a little naive, and she is not good in handling money. She doesn’t pay much attention to the details.

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