Grigoris is a Greek male name commonly used in Greece. It is the main nickname of name Grigorios – as it is in its full and official form.  Grigoris is a name deriving from the Greek word “grigoros” which means, fast and alert or watchful. It is the Greek equivalent for name Gregory in Latin based languages.

Sound of name Grigoris: Gree-gó-rees

Female version of name Grigoris: Grigoria

Nameday of name Grigoris: February 28th and January 25th

Origin of name Grigoris – Agios Grigorios – St Grigorios

The name Grigoris is included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar to honor Grigorios Palamas, the Eparch of Thessaloniki, who is celebrated as one of the most important and influential Saints of the Orthodox Religion.

Grigorios Palamas was born in 1296 in Constantinople and he became a monk while still very young. Grigorios Palamas went to Thrace and later to Thessaloniki, writing and talking about monasticism and people who wanted to serve God in monasteries and retreats. He opposed one of the known philosophers and preachers of the time who preached that Man cannot connect with god or get to know him in depth.

In 1355 Grigorios Palamas became Eparch of Thessaloniki and he continued his spiritual and writing work, enlightening and educating numerous people. The Greek Orthodox Church declared him a Saint, celebrating his memory on February 28th.

Nicknames deriving from name Grigoris – Grigorios

Grigoris is, as mentioned, a nickname itself. Grigorios, the main name has just a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Greg, Golis, Gregory, Goris.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Grigoris

Grigoris is a social and very active person, always willing of participating in new projects. He seeks for beauty, variety and love, being very creative himself.

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