Iliana or Eliana

Iliana or Eliana is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Elias or Ilias. According to the etymology of the male name, Iliana also comes from the Hebrew Name Eliyahu which means “my God is Jehovah”, which was mentioned in many Hebrew religious books and the Koran about prophets. In any case in Jewish language and Aramaic, Ili means God and that is what Jesus was saying when on the cross referring to God. Thus, both Ilias and Iliana refer to the name Eliyahu.

iliana greek female nameSound of name Iliana: Ee-lee-a’-na

Male version of name Iliana: Ilias

Nameday of name Iliana: July 20th

Origin of name Iliana – Profitis Ilias, Prophet Ilias

In the Greek Orthodox calendar the names Iliana and Ilias refer to Prophet Ilias, the Prophet Elijah in Latin. Analytical information about the prophet can be found at the post for the name Ilias.

Nicknames deriving from name Iliana

Iliana doesn’t have many nicknames or diminutives, but the most common ones are: Lina, Iw, Liana, Ana, Lianw, Inw

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of name Iliana

Iliana is a very persistent woman and tries to make things happen her way. She can be very nice and helpful when needed and she is also a person who knows how to achieve things even in the most difficult situations.

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