Iossif or Iosif

Iossif or Iosif is a male Greek name which is moderately common in the country, mostly in the Greek islands and Crete. However, some of the diminutives of the name Iossif are way more common and popular compared to the full given male name.

Iossif is the Greek version of name Joseph, and derives from the Hebrew name Yosef that means “the one who adds”.

Sound of name Iossif: Ee-osseéphgreek name iosif or iossif

Female Version of name Iossif: Iossifina (not common in Greece)

Nameday of Iossif: The Day of the Forefathers (different date every year) and July 30th

Origin of name Iossif – Agios Iossif

Iossif is a very popular and distinctive name in the Christian and Jewish Religion. It refers to the father of Christ, although the Orthodox Church doesn’t associate the name with Jesus’ father.

According to the Calendar of the Greek Orthodox and Eastern Church, name Iossif refers to the eleventh son of Jacob, one of the ancestors of man. Due to this fact the nameday of Iossif is on the day of the Forefathers, which is on a different date each year – the second Sunday of December.

There is also Agios Iossif (St Joseph) that refers to Joseph of Arimathea, the man who donated his own tomb for the burial of Jesus after the Crucifixion.   Joseph of Arimathea is mentioned in all four Gospels and is considered a holy man. He is declared a Saint by the Orthodox Church and his memory and nameday are celebrated on July 30th.

Since name Iossif is quite common in Greek Orthodox religion, there are some more namedays of Iossif in the calendar, but they are minor. In any case, it is a good idea to ask someone when he celebrates his nameday, if you do not want to miss it.

Nicknames deriving from name Iossif

Iossif has a few nicknames and diminutives such as Sifis (quite common in Crete), Sifakos, Sifakis, Joseph, Josh.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Iossif

Iossif is a kind and nice person, who likes working with hands. He is creative and he has a rather high education. Iossif is considered a very reliable person.

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