Katina is a female Greek name, deriving from the main name Aikaterini. Katina used to be more common in the past, but it was somehow associated with some negative characteristics of a nosey, all into gossip woman, and took a completely negative nuance. In some cases, when you want to refer to a woman who tattles and is relatively indiscreet, you use the name Katina as an adjective.

name KatinaSound of name Katina: Ka-teé-na

Male Version of name Katina: N/A

Nameday of name Katina: November 25th

Origin of name Katina – Agia Aikaterini

Katina is a name deriving from the name Aikaterini, therefore, for the Greek Orthodox church its roots and origins are found in Agia Aikaterini, St Catherine. You can read more information about the life and work of the saint at the pertinent post for the name Aikaterini.

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