Lambros is a male name in Greece, which derives from the Greek word lambrós, meaning bright and lucent. The name Lambros is directly associated with Easter in Greece.

Sound of name Lambros: Lá-mbros

Female Version of name Lambros: Lambrini

Nameday of name Lambros: Easter Sunday, different date each year

Origin of name Lambros – Greek Easter

Etymologically name Lambros derives from the Greek Language, referring to something gorgeous and lambent. For the Greek Orthodox Church, name Lambros refers to the Easter Day, which in Greek is also called the day of “Lambri”, denoting the particular character of that day. The name Lambri was established by simple people, who referred with this name to Easter Sunday and the next day, Monday of Easter as it is known in Greece. These two days of Easter are also called Lambroskola, according to the Greek tradition. On Easter day, everyone was supposed to dress nicely, shine and be bright, therefore become Lambros. The Orthodox Church celebrates the name Lambros and Lambrini on Easter day, thus it’s a movable name day.

Nicknames deriving from the name Lambros

Lambros doesn’t feature any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Lambros

Lambros is a well nurtured man, always gentle and well disposed towards people. He is social, although not the center of attention in parties and social gatherings.

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