Loukia is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Loukas.

Loukia also means “from Loukania”, the Italian region.

greek female name loukia

Sound of name Loukia: Loo-keé-a

Male Version of name Loukia: Loukas

Nameday of Loukia: October 18th and December 13th

Origins of name Loukia – Evangelist Luke and St Loukia

As mentioned, Loukia is the female respective of Loukas, therefore it is also associated with Evangelist Luke. You can read more about the author of the third Gospel at the post for name Loukas.

However, name Loukia has a nameday on December 13th as well, the day of St Loukia.

Loukia was a woman who lived in Syracuse, Sicily. She lost her father when she was still a baby and had to take care of her mother who suffered from an incurable disease. Loukia could not rely on the help of doctors but only hoped that the Holy Grace would help her mother. She went to Catania to find the corps of St Agatha, who was known for her miracles.

When Loukia went to sleep at night, St Agatha appeared to her as a vision. She told her that her mother would be healthy again, but she will suffer. Loukia woke up in the morning happy for her mother; when she returned to Syracuse she was sent to Emperor Decius because of her Christian actions. Since she did not deny her faith, she was sentenced to death.

The Orthodox church celebrates the nameday of Loukia on December 13th.

Nicknames deriving from name Loukia

Loukia does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Loukia

Loukia is bold and ambitious. She needs to have many activities outside her home. She is funny and knows how to attract other peoples’ attention; she can be very eccentric, though, sometimes.

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