Stellina is a Greek female name, which is becoming increasingly popular lately, especially in urban areas . Stellina is one of the nicknames of name Styliani.

stellinaSound of name Stellina: Stel-lee’-na

Male Version of name Stellina: N/A

Nameday of name Stellina: November 26th

Origin of name Stellina – Agios Stylianos

The name Stellina comes from the name Styliani, which is the female respective of name Stylianos. Information about the male version of the name and the Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church can be found at the post Stelios

Nicknames deriving from the name Stellina

Stellina is a nickname itself and is used as it is. The name Styliani, though, has a few more nicknames such as Stelitsa, Stelio, Litsa, Stella, Stelia, Tela, Telia, Telitsa

The Names’ Fairy reveals for the Name Stellina

Stellina is a joyful person that sees the bright side of life. She tries to take things as least seriously as possible, but she is very committed to everything she does. She can be very professional and dedicated to her work.

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