Lisa or Liza

Lisa or Liza is a Greek female name which has become quite popular the last few years.

Liza is not a full Greek name, but a diminutive or nickname that derives from other female names, such as Elissavet, Vassiliki, Eleonora, Eliza and more.

female greek name lisa

Sound of name Lisa: Leé-ssa

Male Version of name Lisa: N/A

Nameday of Lisa: Depends on the actual given name whose diminutive is Lisa

Origin of name Lisa

Lisa could derive from several different names as mentioned earlier, therefore it is hard to talk about the origins of the name.

It always depends on the actual name, therefore it is recommended to check the pertinent posts for the main given names to learn more about the background and origins of the name.

Among Christians, the Greek name Lisa or Lisa  name was originally more common in Eastern Europe, but eventually became very common in the Western world – mostly as a short for Elizabeth or Elissaveta.

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