Maro is a female name in Greece, commonly used by women whose given name is Maria. Maro is a nickname deriving from name Maria and is very common in certain islands, such as the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea.

name maroSound of name Maro: Má – roh

Male Version of name Maro: Marios (male respective of Maria)

Nameday of Maro: November 21st or August 15th

Origin of name Maro

Since Maro is a female name deriving from the name Maria, its origins and etymological roots are common with the main name. You can read all the necessary information about its origin, the nameday and the meaning of the name Maro at the post for the name Maria.

However, especially when it comes to name Maro, we should add a mythological bizarre, according to which, in ancient years Maro (or Maron) was a male name. It is said that Maro, son of Evanthes, was the god of sweet wine. According to Homer, Maro was the one who gave the sweet wine to Ulysses when he was trying to escape the Cyclops.

It is also said that the city Maroneia in Thrace was named after Maro.

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  1. Woah! My first name was Mary Rose. Actually Maro was not my real nickname, I create that since MAry ROse is my name, I didn’t even know before that it was totally means by Maria which was another version of Mary. cool! thank’s for this info! 😀

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