agapiAgapi is a lovely, female Greek name that means “Love”. The same word is used in the Modern Greek Language to express the feeling of “love” or “affection” among friends, family and lovers, but it’s different than the word “eros”.

Sound of Agapi: a-ga’-pe

Name day of Agapi:  September 17th, along with Elpida, Pisti and Sofia.

Male form of Agapi: Agapios

Saint Agapi

Agapi, Elpida and Pisti were daughters of a woman who lived in Rome during the Era of Emperor Hadrian. Her name was Sofia. She was a very religious woman, but since Christianity was not yet an established religion, the woman and her daughters were accused due to their faith.

The daughters were brought to the Emperor who interrogated them, suggesting them to deny the new religion and save themselves. The Emperor asked Agapi, who was nine years old at the time, if she was also a Christian and she eagerly defended her beliefs.

The emperor ordered to have all three sisters capsized, and so it was done. Their mother died, according to the story, crying over their tombs just a few days later. For their faith and strong beliefs the Greek Orthodox Church declared them Saints and they all celebrate the name on the same day.

Nicknames and different versions of the name Agapi

The name Agapi is strictly female and has only one male version “Agapios”, which is a rather rare name and considered too old fashioned. Its nicknames are few, as most of the women bearing the name prefer the full name, due to its wonderful meaning. Therefore you can find a woman called “Agi” or “Pitsa” but in general most women use the name “Agapi”.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the personality of Agapi

The name gives certain characteristics to its bearer; women called Agapi are supposed to be smart and intelligent, with a great willingness to serve other people and offer their abilities for the common good.

The interesting fact about the word “agapi” in Greek is that it’s the only language in the world that actually uses this word as a name. The word “love” in English, or “amour” in French (and so on) are not used as names.

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  1. That is not correct. The russian language also uses the word love as a person name. The word LIUBOV, means love, and it is used as a female name.


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