Dionissis is a common male name in Greece, especially popular in the Ionian Islands and most particularly the island of Zakinthos – Zante. Dionissis is a name whose etymology is found at the roots of the ancient Greek language. It comes from the words “Dios” (meaning of Zeus) and Nysa which was the name of a legendary mountain in Greece. According to the ancient Greek Mythology the name used in the antiquity was Dionissos, with the most known Dionisso being the semi god of fertility, wine and feasts, the son of God Zeus.

Sound of name Dionissis: Dee-o-nee-sees

Female Version of name Dionissis: Dionissia

Nameday of name Dionissis: October 3rd and December 17th

Origin of name Dionissis – Agios Dionissios (St Dionissios)

Dionissis is a name deriving from the name Dionissios; it is its main nickname used in Greece. It is a name celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church, attributed to two different persons, both playing a very important role in the history of the Christian Religion. The First was Dionissios the Areopagite, whose name is mentioned in the New Testament. Dionissios was a judge who became a Christian following the example and word of Saint Paul. His memory is celebrated on October 3rd and he is the Saint Protector of Athens – which means that October 3rd is an official holiday for the city of Athens.

The second known Dionissios was a man born and raised in the island of Zante in mid 16th century. He is the most important Saint and protector of the island of Zante. He was bishop for many years, and associated his name with charity work, assisting many people in need. He became a monk later in his life and died on December the 17th, the day when the Greek Orthodox Church also celebrates his memory. If you meet a Greek man named Dionissis, you should ask him when he celebrates his nameday.

Nicknames deriving from name Dionissis

Dionissis is the main nickname deriving from the name Dionissios, which features a few nicknames and diminutives. Some of them are: Dionissis, Nissos, Nissis, Sakis, Akis, Denis, Nionios, Akis, Dionissakis, Dinis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Dionissis

Dionissis is a rather rigid man, not very flexible and open in his social life, which can contribute to making people dislike him. Dionissis is, though, a very stable and trustworthy person and you can be sure that he will do whatever he tells you he is taking over.

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