Georgios is a male Greek name, the full version of name Giorgos.

As mentioned in other posts as well, Georgios (Giorgos) is the most common name in Greece, both in mainland and the islands.

The name Georgios derives from the word “georgia” which means the cultivation and aggriculture. Name Georgios can also be spelled Yeorgios, resembling more to the Greek spelling and pronounciation.

Sound of name Georgios: Ye-ór-yee-os

Female Version of name Georgios: Georgia or Yeorgia

Nameday of Georgios: In general, Georgios celebrates his nameday on April 23rd, but if Easter day is after April 23rd, then the nameday moves to the first day after Easter. It is considered a movable nameday in general.

Origin of name Georgios – Agios Georgios (St George)

You can read all the information on name Georgios and its origins at the pertinent post for name Giorgos.

Nicknames deriving from name Georgios

Georgios has many nicknames and diminutives. The most common one is Giorgos, and the other ones used are: Giorgis or Yiorgis,  Georgis, Gogos, Giorgakis, Giorgaros, Tzortzis, Tzortzakos, Giorgitsis.

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