Haralambos or Charalambos

Haralambos or Charalambos is a male name, used a lot in the Greek mainland and islands. Name Haralambos is a compound word: it means “shine from happiness”, as it comes from the words hara (happiness) and lambo ( a verb which means to shine).

haralambosSound of name Haralambos: Ha – ra’ -lam -bos

Female Version of name Haralambos: Haralambia

Nameday of Name Haralambos: February 10th

Origin of name Haralambos – Agios Haralambos (St Haralambos)

Name Haralambos refers to a Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church, Agios Haralambos. He lived at the 2nd Century AD, when the Emperor was Septimus Severus. He was a Priest in Magnesia, in Greece and was preaching the new religion. Severus started a persecution against the Christians, and he asked Haralambos to stop preaching and adopt paganism. When Haralambos refused, he was arrested and imprisoned. Severus ordered to torture Haralambos and the guards started flaying him alive. Haralambos was enduring the tortures praying to God, and some of his guards actually started believing in the new religion. Severus was pretty much frustrated and ordered to put nails in Haralambos body and lead him to Rome in this condition. According to the tradition Haralambos endured that too and when he arrived in Rome, Severus ordered his guards to put him on a spit and skewer him over the fire. Haralambos managed to survive this as well;  he revealed to the Emperor  that he was 113 years old and  he lived with the grace of God. Severus had him decapitated and Haralambos became a Saint for the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicknames deriving from the name Haralambos

Haralambos features some nicknames and diminutives, such as: Haris, Babis, Lambis,  Lambos, Pambos, Hambos, Lambias, Aris.

The names’ Fairy reveals for the name Haralambos

Haralambos is a down to earth person and seeks for realistic goals in his life. He has a good heart and he is very social, and usually has a lot of friends of both sexes.

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  1. Hey guys, its just slight descripincies, your probably reading different history books, each with its own opinion of how it happened. Not a big deal I think it is a great name 🙂

  2. I Grew up as ‘Charalambous’ in London , but it was only when I got married to an Italian in Italy, did I realise that my birth surname was ‘ Haralambous’ !
    Oh Well, I’m still proud of my name (s) and Greek roots . Thanks dad, ( Efstratios Haralambous ) Mum ( Concetta Haralambous )

    You’ll always be in my heart ,
    Your loving daughter

  3. My dad’s name is Andreas Haralambos. When he came to live in the UK in the 1930s, he left behind brothers, sisters and his mum and dad. He came from Cyprus and on his passport it states he was a barber’s apprentice.
    Dad is now 93 years of age and often wonders how many of his family are still alive on the island.

  4. Saint Charalambos was not decapitated, the executioners could not do this after seeing him survive so much torture and so they converted to orthodoxy. He then ascended straight to heaven.

    My dad’s name is Charalambos and he embodies the names meaning.

    • Hi Andreas! Actually the Orthodox Synaxaristis says that Charalambos was praying during his execution, so when they tried to decapitate him, he was taken to the Skies!

  5. these two male greek names are lovely and also cool names. I used one of the names for my story and its a perfect male name for my story.

    Sinem ( a person you don’t know )

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