Kiriaki or Kyriaki

Kiriaki or Kyriaki is a female Greek name which is still rather common, especially in the Greek mainland or some islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea. Kiriaki is a name which refers to the seventh day of creation, Sunday, since the Greek name for Sunday is Kiriaki (Kyriaki).

female greek name KiriakiSound of name Kiriaki: Kee-ree-ah-keé

Male Version of name Kiriaki: Kiriakos

Nameday of Kiriaki: July 7th

Origin of name Kiriaki – Agia Kiriaki (St Kiriaki)

Kiriaki was the daughter of Dorotheos and Efsevia, who did not have kids and were praying to God for a child. Indeed, God heard their prayers and gave them a child born on Sunday, therefore her parents decided to name her Kiriaki.

During the reign of Diocletian, Kiriaki’s parents were persecuted due to their religion and Kiriaki was sent to Bethany. The ruler of the region, Ilarian, reminded her that her beauty should be a gift for the men. Kiriaki replied that neither her youth or her beauty is something she thinks of,  because what is more important for her is her faith. The ruler got furious and had her beheaded.

The Greek Orthodox church celebrates St Kiriaki’s memory with a nameday on July 7th.

Nicknames deriving from the name Kiriaki

Kiriaki has a few nicknames and diminutives such as Kiki, Koula, Kikitsa, Deny, Domenica, Sandy, Korina, Kitsa, Ria, Iria.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Kiriaki

Kiriaki is a very open and extroverted person, quite outgoing, but also dedicated to her family and friends.

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