Rena is a female Greek name which derives from the name Eirini.

Rena is the most common dimunitive of Eirini used in Greece and it also derives from the word “eiro” which means “to connect”.

female greek name Rena

Sound of name Rena: Ré-nah

Male Version of name Rena: N/A

Nameday of name Eirini: May 5th

Origin of name Rena – Agia Eirini, Saint Eirini the Martyr

Since Rena derives from the name Eirini it also refers to Saint Eirini the Martyr. You can read all the information regarding Agia Eirini at the pertinent post for name Eirini.

Nicknames deriving from name Rena

Rena is a diminutive deriving from name Eirini: other nicknames and diminutives of this name are  Iro, Renia, Rania, Ria, Rinaki, Rinoula, Rinio.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Rena

Rena is an extroverted person who is usually quite spontaneous, hence makes lots of mistakes. She can be misunderstood sometimes, because she tends to present herself more independent than she really is.

Famous Greek women named Rena

  • Rena Vlachopoulou (Greek actress)
  • Rena Koumioti (Greek singer)

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