Nina is a female Greek name whose etymology is not known; some people think that it derives from the Spanish word “nina”, which means child.

If you meet a woman named Nina you should ask her if that is her full name, because Nina can also be the diminutive of some other Greek female names such as Ioanna, Antonia and more.

Nina female greek name

Sound of name Nina: Neé-nah

Male Version of name Nina: Ninis or Ninos (not common)

Nameday of Nina: January 14th

Origin of name Nina – Agia Nina (St Nina)

St. Nina  was born in Cappadocia, where many Georgians lived, considered relatives of the Holy Great Martyr George Trophybearer .

Her father, Zavoulon, a pious and renowned soldier, had left his native Cappadocia, to offer his services to the Emperor Maximian.

Her mother, Sosanna, was the sister of Bishop Juvenal of Jerusalem.

Her father, flamed with love for God became with the consent of his wife, a monk in the desert of Jordan. Nina’ s mother was placed as a deaconess in the Church of the Resurrection. St. Nina was delivered to pious Mother Niofora, who raised her.

When St. Nina was studying the Bible and came to the chapter about the crucifixion of Christ, she was curious about the robe of Christ. She wondered where could the robe of the Son of God be. She was told that according to the tradition,it was kept in the city Mitscheti of Iberia (today’s Georgia). It was moved there by the rabbi of the city called Elioz, who had received it from the soldier who won the lottery under the Cross. These words were engraved deep in her heart.

She begged Mary to let her to go to Iberia to worship the robe of Christ. Virgin Mary heard her prayer, and appeared in her sleep. She prompted her to go to Iberia to preach the Gospel of Jesus and offered her a cross from vine-twigs, which would be her shield and guardian.

St Nina woke up and saw in her hands the wondrous Cross. She embraced it, cut a tress of her hair, wove it on the Cross and went to see her uncle Bishop Iouvenalio. The bishop saw God’s will and gave his blessing. So at the request of  Virgin Mary, Nina preached the Gospel in Georgia in the 3rd Century AD. This apostolic action led the kings of Georgia Mirian (265-342 AD) and Nana to the truth of Christ.

St. Nina died in peace and God glorified her preserving her relics as imperishable. The Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Agia Nina, and thus the nameday of Nina on January 14th.

Nicknames deriving from name Nina

Nina does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Nina

Nina is a reasonable and sage woman; she is usually into family and arts, and she likes participating in conversations about anything new. She can be quite extroverted.

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