Aris is a common Greek male name, whose origins are traced back in ancient Greek Mythology. The name Aris is associated with the ancient Greek word “are” which refers to ruin and bane. In Dorian dialect the same word “ara” refers to the battle and the fight. Name Aris can be given to boys as it is, although in some cases Aris can be a nickname deriving from name Aristides. Aris can also be found with a different spelling, such as Ares.

ArisSound of Name Aris: A’-ris

Female Version of Name Aris: N/A

Nameday of name Aris: December 19th

Origin of name Aris

Aris is traditionally associated with the Greek God of War, Aris or Mars for the Romans. Aris was the son of Zeus and Hera and brother of Eris. Aris was a bloodthirsty god, always involved in quarrels and fights. He was, according to the ancient Greeks, the god of War and slaughter. He was usually depicted with a shield and sword, wearing a war helmet. He had many sons and daughters, and the most known of them are Deimos, Phobos and the Amazons.

Although for the Greeks it was normal to have a God of War, foreign historian still wonder how Aris can be connected with the other Gods of the Olympus, since he is the only one with such a bloodlust character and mentality. Aris was, though, adored in many regions and he was the protector god of Troy.

Greek Orthodox Church has included Aris in the name days calendar, after years of delay though, since there was a huge debate on whether ancient Greek names should be included in the calendar.

Nicknames deriving from name Aris

There is almost no nickname deriving from name Aris. In most cases you will hear the full name as it is, although some people might use the nickname Aroulis, to refer to someone bearing the name Aris. Aris can be a nickname of name Aristides or Aristarchos or Aristotle as well.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Aris

Aris is pensive, serious and very hardworking. He loves entertainment but he doesn’t avoid any of his obligations in order to have fun. He can be attracted by several things at once and he is usually focused on achieving his goals.

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