Anna is a very common Greek female name; the name itself is used in all western languages and religions of the world, although there are minor differences in spelling. Anna is the latin version of the Hebrew name Hannah and it appears in the New Testament. Hannah means grace and favour.

annaSound of name Anna: ’An-na

Male version of name Anna: N/A

Nameday of Anna: December 9

Origin of name Anna

Anna comes from the name Hannah as we said. In religious calendars of the Greek Orthodox Church, Anna is a name that refers to the mother of Virgin Mary.

Anna was twenty years old when she got married to Joaquin, who was 30 years old. Time was passing and the couple did not have any children, but they were both patient and they were praying to the God for a child. Not having children at the time was something shameful, but the couple endured the shame.

Finally, when Anna was at her sixties, she got pregnant; the daughter was named Mary, who would become Virgin Mary later, or Panagia for the Greeks. The Church celebrates the name Anna on December 9.

Nicknames deriving from the name Anna

Anna is a very popular name for the Greeks and Cypriots and it has just a few nicknames. The most common ones are: Anny, Annio, Annoula, Annitsa, Annita, Anneta, Anya.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Anna

Anna is always serious and very powerful personality. She knows what she wants from life and she has an artistic tendency. However she knows how to enjoy her life and have a good time.

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